President - Bob Downing

Chairperson - Pat Leighfield

Secretary - Graham Cutler

Treasurer - Sue Yates


LEAGUE A                                                                       LEAGUE B

The Manor                                                                        Iron Horse      
NEW CENTURY (Bakers Outcasts)                                 Bakers Arms B
Stratton RBL (P)                                                              
Moredon CC
The Duke                                                                          New Inn

Ashford Road                                                                    Haydon Wick B
Heart in Hand                                                                   Saracen's Head B
Haydon Wick A                                                                 Liden Arms (R)
Rodbourne Cheney Club (P)                                            Bakers Arms A (R)    
Liden CC (P)                                                                     Moonrakers

Longs Bar                                                                         Wroughton  
Kingsdown                                                                        Saracen's Head A (R)
Redhouse                                                                         The Beehive

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