RULES 2016/17

1.       The league will be known as the STRATTON CRIBBAGE LEAGUE consisting of one league of 12 or more teams. All the teams will play on a home and away basis, as per the published fixture list.

2.       Each league match will consist of 6 players per team, playing as 3 pairs, each pair playing 5 games, making 15 games per match.

3.       All league matches will commence at 8.30pm, BUT no later than 8.45pm on Wednesday evenings, unless both captains have agreed (at least 48hrs prior to the match being played) to a change and have sought the approval of the league secretary or chairperson. POSTPONED MATCHES TO BE PLAYED WITHIN 14 DAYS

4.       Each game to be played to 121 points (twice round the board). Players are to cut for each game and box.

5.       Postman rule to be used for all league and cup fixtures. A 5th peg to be used. The peg is inserted at the start of each game and gets removed when first person starts their second lap around the board. Used to indicate what lap a game is on. Failure to use the ‘postman’ ruling will result in forfeiture of the match.

6.       All games are to be played; 1 point will be awarded for each game won. The team that wins the match will also be awarded two (2) points.


8.       The league will operate between August and May inclusive.

9.       Failure of a team turning up will result in the forfeiture of the match 10-0, plus 2 points for the win. A team failing 3 times to turn up, will be suspended from the league and all competitions.

10.    The home team will be responsible for supplying the result card. The winning team to hand in the cards at the next delegates meeting. All players names to be printed. Winning teams are responsible for phoning or texting the result to the secretary within 24hrs of the match. Failure to carry out this rule will result in the loss of 2 points to the winning team.

11.    Any team withdrawing or suspended from the league during a season, will automatically void all matches played by them. Points, games for and against earned by opposing teams, will be adjusted accordingly. NO ENTRY INTO THE LEAGUE THE FOLLOWING SEASON WILL BE ALLOWED.

12.    All teams will pay a league fee as determined at the annual general meeting. This is to be paid to the treasurer at the collection of fixture lists. The league will also run the following competitions during the season:-

a)       SIX-A-SIDE; To be played as league.

b)       SAM TAYLOR CUP; To be played by the losing teams of the 1st round of the 6-a-side, under the same rules as the league. Any team not turning up for the 6-a-side 1st Round, will be excluded from this competition.

c)       FIVE-A-SIDE; Teams of players, playing 3 single games (once round the board) each, making 15 games per match. Played as singles.

d)       FOUR-A-SIDE; Two single (6cards) and one pair, to be played as one game. To be played on a round robin basis with four going to the finals. If there is a tie, there will be a play off.

e)       THREE-A-SIDE; Teams of 3 players, each playing three games, 9 games per match. TWO teams allowed per league team, played under the same rules as for singles.

f)        PAIRS; Teams may submit as many pairs as they'd like, best of three games.

g)       SINGLES; Teams may submit as many singles as they'd like. 5cards, 2 in the box, 3points to loser of the box, play once round the board.

h)       CAPTAINS/DELEGATES; Current captains from each league team. As per singles. Played at April meeting.

13.    The STRATTON CRIBBAGE LEAGUE will hold its ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING in July. Teams wishing to enter a team for the following season must attend or send an apology to the league secretary, prior to the meeting, indicating their intentions to enter a team.

14.     A chairperson will also be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

15.     Each team to send delegates to meetings, which will be held as per dates in fixtures, apology to secretary prior to meeting.

16.    Any changes to rules to be made at an A.G.M. by submitting proposals to the secretary, one month prior to the meeting.


17.    CHAIRPERSON: The Chairperson, will preside over all meetings. Supervise all competitions and running of the league with the secretary.

18.    SECRETARY: Shall attend all meetings, record the minutes and prepare materials for cup matches. Shall prepare the fixtures and result cards for printing. Prepare agendas and carry out instructions from delegates.

19.    TREASURER: Bank all monies paid to him/her within 14 days. Produce accounts for the A.G.M. and bankbook when required.

20.     The posts of SECRETARY and TREASURER will be appointments made by the CHAIRPERSON who will make recommendations to the DELEGATES.

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